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Charles Forman, a revered emeritus professor at Yale Divinity School who pursued a lifelong commitment to global Christianity as a missionary and educator, has died at the age of 97.

From the pulpit in Marquand Chapel, he conducted a high wire oratorical act of prophetic passion and hip-hop heat.

It was a “special event,” one visiting scholar noted, and it could only be convened by an institution with “a concentration of great minds.”

In the United States, a church with 10,000 members is considered “mega.” Add two zeroes to that figure, and you know the approximate size of the church in South Korea where Yale Divinity School...

Convocation and Reunions is an annual celebration of alumni and former classmates, but this year marked another milestone: the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights movement.

Admissions at YDS

“Through my silent presence, I felt God into that room,” wrote Alli Huggins ‘16 M.Div. for the YDS Admissions’ Blog 409 Prospect Street. “No classroom can teach that.”

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Berkeley Divinity School

Andrew McGowan was installed as Dean and President in a ceremony during Evensong in Marquand Chapel on October 21 in the presence of an overflow congregation of trustees, alumni, faculty, students and a multitude of friends old and new.

Institute of Sacred Music

Yale Institute of Sacred Music announces the launch of a new peer-reviewed, open-access journal of interdisciplinary scholarship, the Yale Journal of Music & Religion.