About People - March 2012

"Jack has been a great champion of community colleges, both in the Legislature and as chancellor. During a time of extreme state budget cuts, Jack provided stability and vision. He never lost sight of the importance of career technical education, especially in the clean energy and healthcare fields, in keeping our economy strong.”  Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, commenting on the retirement of Jack Scott ’62 B.D. as chancellor of the California Community Colleges, the largest system of higher education in the nation. March 6, 2012, Lake County (CA) News.



“Richard Hays embodies the union of faith and knowledge that lies at the heart of the divinity school’s mission.  He has led the school’s broad work of scholarship and spiritual training with wisdom, devotion and imagination. Duke is lucky to have him continue his service in this key role.”  Duke President Richard Brodhead, Feb. 14, 2012, Durham (NC) Herald Sun, announcing the appointment of Richard Hays '70 B.A. '77 M.Div. as dean of Duke Divinity School.




"We used the train station because people are in a rush. There's the idea that it's a weird day. It's a Wednesday morning, and people sometimes don't know whether they're going to be able to get to a church.”  Otis Gaddes III ‘12 M.Div., Feb. 22, 2012, Stamford (CT) Advocate, in the article “Commuters receive ashes to go in Stamford.”




“People would ask me what I did, and I would say, ‘Oh, I used to be a partner at Goldman Sachs but I left. And it took me six months before I could say, ‘Oh, I just stay at home with my kids.’ Why did I need to tell people what I had done at Goldmans? That made me realize that it was my own lack of self-confidence that I had to say that I had been a partner at Goldmans to justify my existence.”  Greg Zehner ’06 M.Div., The Financial Times, Feb. 17, 2012, in the article “Life After Wall Street.” Zehner served as associate pastor at Grace Community Church in New Canaan, CT, after graduation and before moving to Utah.



 “He is so grounded in his faith, so extraordinarily ethical and moral and such a great listener.  It’s like love animates every molecule of his body and it comes through in his care, his love and his gentleness. I never feel judged by him. He can critique a situation without being judgmental.”  Marcia Owen, executive director of the Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham, speaking about Mel Williams ‘68 M.Div., with whom she founded the Coalition, in the article “Walking the Walk,” about Williams’s retirement from after 24 years of leading the progressive Watts Street Baptist Church. The (NC) Herald-Sun, Feb. 23, 2012


Frederick J. Sievert ’11 M.A.R. was recently honored with The Actuarial Foundation’s 2012 Insurance Legend Award. He is past president of the New York Life Insurance Company (NYL) and earned his YDS degree after retiring.  He now teaches business school courses, and is writing a blog, called “God Revealed.”  Of the blog, he says, “Every life is a unique journey, but it is a journey we do not make alone. God is revealing Himself and sending messages all along the way. This blog is designed to share stories of how God has revealed Himself to me along my life’s journey. I will share a series of personal stories through the blog, and if you wish to post comments about my stories or comment on your own personal encounters with God please visit the blog at ‘Godrevealed.com’.”

"He was always one who preached, as long as I knew him, both from a pulpit and in one-to-one relationships, of the need for people to embrace our differences. He was one who told me we should celebrate the fact that we're different, especially in a world that's become so polarized."  NCAdvertiser.com, March 2, 2012, Warner Depuy, co-founder of The Wilburn Fellowship, which aims to reward New Canaan (CT) High School students who create projects that “foster understanding of humanity's differences, whether of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or culture, such that those differences can be respected, embraced, and celebrated.”  The Fellowship was established in honor of the late Gary Wilburn, who helped launch the One Word, One World project at YDS’s Center for Faith and Culture,



Harry Eberts ’84 M.Div. was installed on March 4 as pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Santa Fe, NM. Eberts was called to the position from a church in Ohio after a two-year search for a permanent pastor.  March 4, 2012, Santa Fe New Mexican.



Sara Marie Ofner-Seals ’10 M.Div. was installed as pastor of Park Congregational Church in Norwich, CT on Feb. 26 in a ceremony that also served as her ordination to the United Church of Christ. Ofner-Seals is the first permanent female pastor to lead the congregation.  Norwich Bulletin, Feb. 26, 2012.



Richard G. Hutcheson Jr. ’45 B.D., 90, a Navy chaplain who retired as a rear admiral and then served five years as senior pastor of the Vienna Presbyterian Church in Vienna, VA, died Jan. 15 at Fairfax Nursing Center.  His Navy career included service as officer in charge of the Navy’s chaplain school and director of the Navy’s Chaplain Corps planning group. Washington Post, Feb. 16, 2012



“From boiling eggs to three-course dinners, homemade sweet and savory ice cream to foolproof bechamel sauce, Students Go Gourmet is a must-have on the campus kitchen shelf. Instead of ordering take-out, feed your inner gourmand by watching our included instructional DVD as we bring the flavors of the world into your kitchen and onto your table. Our cookbook will stay with you long after the cap and gown!” From the web site of a new cookbook, Students Go Gourmet, published last fall by Sophia Khan ’09 M.A.R.



William A. Studwell ’50 B.D., a Methodist and former pastor at Pound Ridge Community Church in Pound Ridge, NY, and missionary in India, died Jan. 22 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He was 87. Feb. 16, 2012, The Daily Pound Ridge (NY).



“Through our liturgical programs and service activities, my goal is to give young people tools that will help them now. My hope is they’ll learn how to reflect, how to pray, and how to have a relationship with God, and I want them to see youth ministry as a safe place to ask questions or to voice concerns,” Mary Lou Bozza ’08 M.Div. Feb. 12, 2012, Wicked (MA) Local Wayland in the article “New youth ministry coordinator at Good Shepherd Parish.”


Date Posted: Monday, March 12, 2012 - 4:27pm