From Alumni Board President Jerry Henry

by Jerry Henry ’80 M.Div. Chair, YDS Alumni Board

What makes YDS “YDS”?

That is one of the questions the Alumni Board recently discussed as part of its meetings in New Haven April 18-19.  Recognizing that YDS is going through another period of change—as we transition from one dean to another—we began sharing thoughts about what makes YDS uniquely...well, YDS!

Jerry HenryOur ideas on what makes YDS special emerged as the various Board committees met to discuss and share the work they are undertaking.  Committee members met to discuss plans for the 2012 Convocation/ Reunion Week, to ratify the nominees for the 2012 Alumni Awards, and to determine effective ways for engaging alumni in the life of YDS more directly. We shared in a wonderful reception recognizing the Class of 2012 as they prepare to transition into the ranks of YDS alumni. (The individual Board members actually joined together to make a contribution to the Class of 2012’s class gift to the school, which will help support student scholarships!) 

We also heard presentations on supervised ministry at YDS and learned about the alumni resources provided through the Association of Yale Alumni. And, to cap off the two days, we joined with the YDS Board of Advisors and the Berkeley Divinity School Board of Trustees to celebrate the decade of leadership and service we have experienced from Harry and Jan Attridge. Thank you, Harry and Jan!

While it was, indeed, a busy couple of days on the Quad, our meetings helped each of us see how important YDS remains as it continues “preparing leaders for church and world.”  The past decade has been a time of many positive changes at YDS, and we eagerly anticipate great things ahead as Dean Greg Sterling comes to join us on the Quad.  He will need our help in understanding why this place is so special to each of us, and we are eager to offer a helping hand as he begins to settle in on August 1st.

What makes YDS, “YDS”?  Think about how you would respond.

Date Posted: Thursday, May 3, 2012 - 11:38pm