Berkeley Divinity School

During Convocation Week 2012, Carl Anderson, chairman of Berkeley’s board of trustees, honored three distinguished lay members of the church with Doctor of Humane Letters degrees.

Clare Amos, the programme executive for Inter-religious Dialogue and Cooperation at the World Council of Churches, was honored for her scholarly excellence in the field of theological education and long-time commitment to promoting global inter-faith tolerance. Over the course of her forty-year career she has been an instrumental advisor to many Anglican institutions and global interfaith communities.

Cheryl Kyle, a long-time missionary of the Episcopal Church in Tanzania and Honduras, received a degree for her grassroots ministry work and ongoing witness to the mission of the Church. Kyle began teaching in Tanzania twenty years ago and recently built a school there.  She has also done missionary work on Honduras.

Karen Royce, a serial social entrepreneur both here in Connecticut and more recently in Tanzania, was honored with a degree for her commitment and ability to turn compassion into action.  Her many projects include the construction of a school for Massai children and a guesthouse for visitors, which for a decade has provided housing for Berkeley seminarians.


Date Posted: Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 11:38am