Call to Alumni from "Reflections" magazine

The Fall 2012 Reflections will be an election-season issue that examines values that enliven our national dreams and our conflicts … and makes arguments for a better way forward. We’re in a partisan time where Congress is deadlocked and citizens remain divided by ideology, religion, class, and science. Reflections will explore some core values we still hold together and identify impulses that drive us apart and why. We’d like to hear from you on any of these questions:

  • What cherished values are most at risk of neglect, distortion, disappearance?
  • What does real community look like? (examples, success stories)
  • What does community mean in this era of rising pluralism and intensified individualism?
  • Who are the real “values vendors” in contemporary society? Where is God in all this?
  • What elements of reconciliation/hope/wisdom can churches bring these days to our spiritual politics and visions of a moral society?

Responses to any of these questions can be short essays, meditations, or other remarks:­ 350-word limit. Deadline is Monday, June 11. Please email editor Ray Waddle at We hope to publish a selection of responses we receive. Thank you for your insights.

Date Posted: Thursday, May 3, 2012 - 11:42pm