People Notes - October 2013

"You could say the U.S. can justify the intervention because stability is part of our foreign policy in order to maintain ourselves as the premier country in the world," Tyler Wigg-Stevensonsaid Stanley Hauerwaus '65 B.D., '68 Ph.D. in an article about the ethics of a military intervention in Syria. "So it's smart to intervene. But there's no moral justification." In the same article Tyler Wigg-Stevenson '04 M.Div. explained "the United States is not the sword of God. Its response to Assad's atrocities must be contextualized by prudential wisdom about the extended consequences of different actions." Drew Christiansen '82 Ph.D. was also quoted in the article. Online on Religion News Service, August 29.

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"I was able to study with some of the best," said Reuben D'Silva '13 M.A.R. of his time at YDS. "I had Tony Blair as a professor. I had Ryan Crocker, who I'm deeply influenced by. He was the ambassador to Syria and also the ambassador to Iraq, while I was in Iraq." D'Silva was recently recognized by local media for returning to his high school alma mater in Las Vegas to teach world history after serving as a Marine in Iraq and completing two master's degrees. Online on Fox5 Las Vegas, September 12.

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The Unauthorized Biography of Dr. Irma King, a one-person play by Diane Bilyak '06 M.A.R., will be performed on October 13 and October 27 at UnitedSolo, a solo theatre festival in New York City. The play "dramatizes the relationship between two sisters—one with Down syndrome. Dreams, personal anecdotes, and mythical fables are interwoven to explore what being ‘delayed' and ‘special' means." Online on

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 Ann Tiemeyer '88 M.Div. has been named the National Council of Churches' interim associate general secretary for Joint Action and Advocacy.  The Advocacy table will work with NCC member communions and other partners to build a "new, egalitarian consensus," especially on racial justice, and "model meaningful advocacy and public witness on the issue." Tiemyer is an ELCA pastor. Online on, September 30.

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"I was looking for a church where I could better use my gifts and wanted to get involved with a church that was doing a shared ministry because that is the model of the future," said Whitney Rice '08 M.Div. who has recently been called as the priest of St. Luke's Episcopal Church and St. Thomas's Episcopal Church in Franklin, IN. Online on, October 4.

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"My first priority of my ministry will be to get to know all of the members of the church — young, old, and in between. There's such a wide breadth of experiences and backgrounds among the members here," said Dean Lindsey '86 M.Div. who will be formally installed as pastor of State College Presbyterian Church (PA) on October 20. Online on, October 6.

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"I will miss the water, the sun, the greenery, the orchards. I'll miss the back roads on my bicycle. I'll miss so many wonderful places to go eat and have a drink. But most of all I'll miss the people," said Michael Brecke '71 B.D., who is retiring from his position as pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Juddville, WI where he has served for more than a decade. Brecke has accepted a position as an interim pastor in Kansas City. Online on Peninsula Pulse, October 4.

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"My childhood friend was Jumana, a Palestinian Muslim who taught me to pray with her sisters, often had supper with the Fullers, holding hands, giving thanks in the name of Jesus. Our friendship has made me a better Christian, and made Jumana a better Muslim. We continue to be sisters in faith; we pray for each other in love and respect," wrote Janet Fuller '92 M.Div. in a column for the TimesNews (NC), September 20.

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"When people do want to be back in a community, but are wounded by the tradition they grew up in, we offer this open and inclusive, respectful atmosphere that allows people to find there way back in. We don't tell anyone they have to give up who they were before. We don't have doctrines. We focus on deeds, not creeds," said Frances Sink '10 M.Div. who is minister at the Unitarian Universalist Society in Stamford, CT. Online on, September 23.

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Date Posted: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 9:14am