Statement from Harold Attridge


In Response to "Notification"

From the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Professor Emerita Margaret Farley has long been a revered figure at Yale Divinity School.  She has inspired generations of students, both men and women, to take seriously the task of theological ethics, by examining the logic of our moral judgments in the light of scripture, tradition, and human experience.  Her work on sexual ethics, Just Love, is an award winning example of that enterprise, recognized by Christians of many traditions as a thoughtful attempt to wrestle with some of the most divisive social issues of our time.   Honest and creative theologians have often met a critical response to serious theological reflection and it is not a surprise that Professor Farley’s work has done so as well. In time, I suspect, those who react negatively to it now will come to appreciate the important contribution it makes to what must be our constant effort to examine the foundations of our moral life.  The YDS community continues to appreciate the unique insights Professor Farley brings to the theological enterprise, and we look forward to her future contributions in the field.